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      Why We Moved Our Business & Family to Fort Worth, Texas

      Why We Moved Our Business & Family to Fort Worth, Texas

      My name is Gemma. I’m a 26 year old martial arts instructor from Toronto, and my boyfriend Guilherme is a mattress store owner from San Diego.  We just decided to move our businesses and start our life together in Fort Worth, Texas. Here's why. Fort Worth wasn’t always our plan. Since we started dating in 2019, the plan was for G to move to Toronto to start a life together there. We figured it would be easier to move a mattress store than a martial arts club.

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      Why We Moved to Haslet,TX | Pros and Cons of Living in Haslet

      In February 2021 my husband and I joined the bandwagon and decided to move from California to Texas. It was about freedom, quality of life, and values, all things that are much better in Texas than California in our humble opinions. In this blog post, I'm going to explain why we chose Haslet as our city, and try to help you figure out if you want to join us here, potential neighbour!


      Population Growth and Opportunity for Businesses

      Our main priority was to settle somewhere that we could grow a business and be successful. Both of us are young business owners- G (30) owned a mattress store, and I (26) owned a martial arts school. We needed to find a place with a growing population, high disposable incomes, and where running a business is affordable. A city we could grow with.

      living in haslet texas


      Population Growth

      We think Haslet is perfect for this reason. Haslet itself has about 2000 people in it, but technically Haslet is a small incorporated rural town that sits in the middle of the city of Fort Worth- population 940,000 (see the map above), and is surrounded by many other more populated cities like Keller- population 47,000, Saginaw- population 25,000, and Roanoke- population 10,000, and lots of unincorporated land too. Our neighbourhood, Sendera Ranch sits just outside the left border of Haslet and has about 6000 people in it. The 2000 count is misleading when considering the business opportunity and population size within a 5-15 mile radius.  


      City Development

      Haslet's position is great for a new business because it's in its growing phase. Prices for homes and commercial space is still low compared to other areas that are already completely developed. There are dozens of development projects for both residential neighbourhoods and commercial spaces, so over the next ten years we can expect a boom in the population and improvement in the amenities and livability. Just take a drive around the area and you will see hundreds of new build homes and buildings along the way. Also, as Fort Worth continues to grow, developers will be forced to keep expanding outwards from the city, and there is plenty of room to do so on the North and West sides of the Haslet area. 


      Households in Haslet have a median income of $142,000. That's much higher than the median for all of Fort Worth at $52,000, and even more than some of the surrounding suburbs which are also quite high. Keller's is $141,000, Roanoke's is $98,000, and Saginaw's is $83,000.

      95% of residents in Haslet are home owners, with only 5% of residents who rent. 68% of residents are married. 40% of residents have children under 18 years old. The average age of residents is 43 years old. 

      Basically, Haslet is an opportunity to get in the growth early and take advantage of good prices and a bright future. 



      Job Opportunities

      Haslet is a 30 minute drive to downtown Fort Worth and also has many major local employers. Some of the big ones include American Airlines, BNSF railway, Amazon, Pier 1 Imports, Dickies, Tarrant County College, Texas Christian University, Cook Children's Medical Centre, Deloitte, Lockheed Martin, and many more. Also, for what it's worth, driving around here you will see hundreds of 'We're Hiring' signs in local business windows. 


      The Vibe

      Haslet gives you the best of both worlds- it's close to the booming cities of Fort Worth and Dallas, but it's green, spacious, and theres hundreds of beautiful long horn cows and horses all around to see on your daily commute. Haslet is ideal for someone who wants a small town, slower paced country vibe but to also live close to busy centres, diverse activities, and economic opportunities. 


      Haslet Students Attend the Northwest Independent School District. The district rates in the top 10% of school districts at #73 in Texas, and the third best in Denton county. The average graduation rate is 95%. Niche gives the district an overall A grade.